to our European Immunotherapy Centres

We help the body treat around 50 diseases that respond to immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is one of the body’s ways of eradicating disease, and it is acting continually. It is more powerful than synthetic drugs, because these are the procedures the body designed to treat itself, and so far, mankind has not made any drug that is as effective. There are, of course, no side effects.

However, there are a number of diseases, including cancer, that become chronic by blocking one of your proteins, GcMAF, and you then lose its 20 powerful effects in the body. Six of those are attacks on cancer. One of them is your immune system, which is neutralised without it. So you lose your own immunotherapy.

We treat the whole body. GcMAF restores 20 actions in the body. What you eat is vital, as food is the most effective medicine. And your own immunotherapy is restored.

There are 180 scientists who have written research papers that support this approach.