About Us

We began with the aim of the extraction of GcMAF only in July 2009. It’s a 24 step process, and we then put it through 9 tests. We devised a more powerful molecule, Goleic, which we patented. We employ four senior scientists, and in two years have now written 31 research papers that have been peer reviewed and published in prestigious scientific journals, far more than any other research institute. We supply 8,000 patients through 350 doctors in 30 nations.

If they’ve not had chemotherapy, we usually eradicate stage 4 cancer in a year, providing the patients adhere to the protocol.

There are 180 scientists in 8 nations who have published research papers on GcMAF in the last 24 years, and ours is the only commercially available GcMAF used in their research papers.

Our first 2014 research paper, on 2nd January identifies, for the first time, the point in the human brain where autism resides, and shows how to eradicate the disease.

We discovered and published 4 new actions GcMAF has in cancer, three in the brain, and two on cells, taking the total actions to 11.

We ran the world’s first two GcMAF Immunology Conferences, in Frankfurt and Dubai, attended by Professors, doctors and scientists.

We put our GcMAF batches through 9 tests, including 2 sterility, three activity/potency, we make time lapse videos of all live cancer cells being destroyed in three days.

3,500 autistic kids have been treated with GcMAF, 500 of whom have made recoveries.

GcMAF gives 70% of ME/CFS victims recoveries, and 50% of herpes, crohns, colitis, IBS  victims to name a few.

In October 2013 we opened our first clinic, we now have three, where we use our Goleic, our Swiss Protocol, and our medical expertise to dramatically shorten the time it takes to be cancer free. We usually achieve a 25% reduction in tumour volume per week. But each week there is less volume to get rid of, so after 3 weeks we are aiming to reduce it 50%, not by 75%.

These results are published in the American Journal of Immunology, and in the Journal of Anticancer Research. 60% of autistic children’s parents say their children saw huge improvements or went back to normal school, often with as little as 5 days in the clinic.

Please note you cannot attend our clinics if you are on a trial of a drug of any description.  That is unfair to the company doing the trial, as you will distort your results.

Pharmaceutical drugs have a high probability of preventing our protocols from working. Please discuss with us.