From some of our patients:

Patrick Bulko from Slovakia:

“I only stayed one week, but during that week my tumors were reduced 20 percent in volume. I am feeling very strong with good mood.”

Michelle T from USA:

“The staff is knowledgeable, extremely helpful and dedicated to the task of educating patients and giving us the innovative, non-toxic treatments we need to heal. My tumor was reduced in size by 32% in one week of treatment! I wish everyone dealing with a cancer diagnosis knew about this protocol. I plan to continue with the course of treatment Dr. Rugierro and his staff recommended until I am completely cancer free.
I also want to add that GOleic maximizes the amazing, God given ability of your own body’s immune system to fight off disease and heal itself with no horrendous side-effects! I felt well and energetic the entire time I was there.”

John B Hart from Guernsey:

“I attended the Swiss Treatment centre during January and February 2014, and was impressed with the manner in which I was informed and advised at every step. Professor Ruggiero and Dr.Thyer were always approachable, and all the staff were friendly and helpful. At the completion of my two sessions at the centre, the ultrasound scans showed a significant reduction in tumour size.
Blood tests conducted at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Guernsey, shortly afterwards, indicated that the creatanine count, which measures the function of my remaining kidney, had increased from 18 to 24. (33% improvement)
An M.R.I. scan conducted at the Spire Hospital, Southampton recently, confirmed that the growth of the tumours has been arrested, and could make it possible for me to benefit from a further cryo-ablation procedure.”

Karen Foort:

I had bowel cancer in August 2012, then surgery to remove the tumour, followed by six months of chemotherapy. In april 2013 after a scan mets were in my liver, ovaries and omentum, more surgery followed by four months immunotherapy. Then a scan shows mets in my liver and lungs and I had more chemotherapy which I felt I had been bullied into by my oncologist!!

After all that, her oncologist gave her six months to live. Then she came to our clinic:

The whole experience of attending your Swiss clinic in January was so positive from start to finish. After just five days of GcMAF treatment my small tumour had shrunk.  The information given by Marco was not only informative but extremely interesting, the way he explained things was so easy to understand. Lyn and Gail are so kind and caring it really is a breath of fresh air to attend and be treated at a place where money is not the main interest of the company. Thank you Biotech for all your help, kindness and treatment you are amazing.

After leaving I still took Goleic every other day and have to say feel fantastic, I play tennis competitively five times a week and have lots of energy.

Five months later my recent scan was fantastic stating no evidence of tumour recurrence, except I still have the one tiny met in my liver that has not grown, Marco told me this because it is encased and will eventually die and become scar tissue. So I’m effectively cancer free now.

So what I have done is set up a charity to help others in my situation; its called the “Foort Foundation” and is registered with the Charity Commission. Three people have already attended your clinic as a result including one man who is arriving at the new clinic in Germany today.

I think your service and product is fantastic and through my charity inform lots of cancer patients about it. If ever you need me to speak of my experience at the clinic please just pass on my details.

By Immuno Biotech Ltd

Here is some feedback from the parents of autistic children who were treated at our clinics recently:

“We came to your clinic with our 5 and a half year old daughter on 16th February, initially for one week. She was diagnosed with HFA autism when she was about 3 years old, but we have been noticing also a lot of sympthoms from ADHD spectrum. Our main issues were high hyperactivity, low concentration, low flexibility, moodiness. She even had problem with accepting her name.

After two weeks using the protocol, she is no longer ADHD! She can concentrate on tasks, is more interested in things and is more patient. Each day we go for a walk in the afternoon and she is walking with us with smiling and talking. We feel like a normal family now, like all the other normal families.

She is not so stubborn anymore, much more flexible. She now likes her name! It is great!

It is really nice to spend time at home when your child is not screaming, running, crying all the time! We recommend the GOleic protocol to every family because we really believe in its power!”

Sebastian K:

“We started our autistic son on the Home Protocol. We saw some improvements in speech but the progress was slow. After we heard that you had a clinic in the Netherlands, we decided to take our son there for treatment. We noticed big improvements after the first day at the clinic – he was a lot calmer, no longer agitated and more improvements in speech. We are so happy that we have got the chance to try out the treatment on such short notice. Life is sometimes full of surprises. We continue to see improvements, latest improvement being eye contact. It gives us hope and reasons to continue. We wish the clinic a successful start and progress with new patients. Thank you so much.”

The most extraordinary case so far is a 69 year old woman from Cheshire. She arrived at our Lausanne clinic with breast and lung cancer, and further secondaries in the brain. The cancer was so far advanced she walked upstairs to the treatment room, and died. Her heart had stopped, no pulse, no breathing.

Her family were not happy, and made it very clear.  Meanwhile our two nurses began mouth to mouth resuscitation and pounding the chest of her dead body.

After 45 seconds they restarted her heart.

Lyn had called an ambulance and got 2.5 ml of Goleic into her. To our great relief the Swiss ambulance crew just wished to know if it was euthanasia, because if so, they would not resuscitate her. We said “No way, she’s got to live!”

The next morning the hospital sent her back with the comment she was too fit to be with them. In our view, that’s the Goleic working overnight.

Lyn then got a 40% tumour reduction over the next week, using what we call “The Swiss Protocol”,  which included Goleic every day, and sent her home to do our “Home protocol,” which her family are following accurately.

Three weeks later the family returned to Lausanne to thank us.

We are expecting her to be cancer free, she’s making good progress.